Hatfield HouseHatfield House

Address: Hatfield House Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL9 5NQ
Tel.: 01707 262 055
Email: Hospitality@hatfield-house.co.uk
Website: www.hatfield-house.co.uk

A unique opportunity for your Prom Party is the Old Palace which dates back to 1485. With its Elizabethan interior, large banqueting tables, ambient lighting and a large dance floor, the Old Palace provides a perfect atmosphere to celebrate the end of your student year.

The Riding School is a modern venue wherein the interior offers a versatile option for various prom party themes. With a mezzanine level looking down onto the prom tables and dance floor, it is a perfect photo opportunity to create a memorable snapshot of the nights events.

With Hatfield House as a backdrop the Old Palace and the Riding School you will certainly enjoy the elegance of either venue. From homemade mini cheese burgers to scrumptious chocolate brownies we cater for all tastes. With the hospitality team happy to help create the perfect prom party night Hatfield House is definitely the venue for you.

Hatfield House has various prom packages available to suit your requirements, please enquire directly on 01707 262 055.




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